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The Libretto for a dance oratorio

Three resurrections

Part 1.

Introduction music (choir)

The choir is split in to two groups on both side front of the curtains. They have dark (black ) clothes.

1. Scene

1. Music for the morning and for the soldiers

Ext. Near the war field -in the afternoon.

A Group of soldiers are preparing their equipments for the war. Two big warriors are demonstrating killing technique to one young man. He tries to copy the killing technique but he is the most uncertain to do it. Warriors are laughing at him. The group of soldiers leave the stage.

2. Scene

2. Music for the war (choir)

Two groups of soldiers with different flags are approaching the stage from the different sides. The war starts. Soldiers have wooden sticks as weapons. The fight is a dance where the dancers are using their sticks like in self- defence sport. At the end of the dance the young man gets a chance to do the kill. The war has come to that point that dance is diminished and the couples are still. They are pushing the sticks against each others. The young man and his couple are on front of the stage. The enemy of the young man is laying on the floor and young man is just to do the kill but he can't. He is putting his weapon down. Suddenly other couples get away from others and one of the enemies kills the young man.

(The fight is a dance where the dancers are using their sticks like in self- defence sport. Sticks are approximately 1,5 meter long.)

2.1 Song for the grieving (barytone)

The fight ends and the enemies leave the stage. Soldiers are grieving for the young man. They are lifting the body above their heads and they carry the young man from the stage. It becomes evening. It becomes dark.

Scene 3.

3. Interlude A. (light barytone)

The lights are off on the stage or/ and curtains are closed. On the left side at the front edge of the stage baryton is singing a song.

Part 2.

Scene 4.

Ext. on the foreign planet. In the dark atmosphere. Only the spot lights bring out the figures.

4.1 Music for strange atmosphere and income

Smoke is arising. Music changes, it becomes minimalistic and funny. Humanoids are stepping to the stage. Back part of the stage is covered by a black curtain or wall and it can't be seen. Humanoids are moving with funny way. They have small laser pens in their hands. Red lights could be seen in the smoke. When the music stops, they also stop and they whisper Aooh@.

4.2 Music for communication talk and death realization

Humanoids have some funny short performance. It is interrupted by the realization that something special has happened. They all feel something in their bodies and they direct their faces and hands to the sky. Finally they leave the stage.

Scene 5.

5.1 Music for the death humanoid (alto)

INT. In the foreign planet. Some strange environment. The whole stage can be seen.

There is a big table it is a bed where is laying a creature who looks like a humanoid. Strange music is played. Place contains objects with smooth surfaces and strange materials. The bed is centre of the stage. There are a lot of red flowers on the floor. Suddenly music changes and humanoids enter in to the stage...