I have discovered truly an interesting piece of art in the archives of Uversa. Although this work is not signed, I and my colleagues have found many evidences that authenticate that this product of spirit is created by Samuel Angelicus. We could not define specific time of birth, but we believe that this is completed after the composition of Underlie.

At that time Samuel was sent to explore a small system of three evolutionary planets. From our point of view, these planets are still quite undeveloped. But this work of art shows different stages of development between these worlds.

The creatures in the first planet can be described humans, as the beings in your world. Their brain consists of two parts. That is why we call them two-brained type. Creatures of the second planet are further developed. A good environment, the variation of life plasm and time factor have helped them to reach this stage. By terminology of yours we could call them humanoids. They belong to the category of three-brained type. Environment on the third planet is harsh and only one-brained type creatures were able to live there.

This work of art tells how the personalities rise from these different planets to the heavenly world. Although the personalities start from different stages of development, long spiritual education helps them to reach the same level.

It seems that Samuel has written this work alone. It contains several music numbers and the story moves on by means of dance. There is no marking in the archives that would indicate that this work was performed somewhere. I wish I could listen to this work as a color symphony played by celestial musicians and performed by heavenly reproducers: The singers and The administrative enactors. Although it is possible that this work could be performed also on your planet, it is clear that performances, on the level of humans, cannot reach these magnificent, majestical spiritual spheres which are the prevailing conditions in the heavenly worlds. However, this work is an excellent example how the souls survive mortal death to the heavenly world. It will give hope for every personality in the evolutionary worlds to the furthest places in the Universes.

Divine Counselor