Bringing out the nature of the Universes

Art Amabile brings out the existence of extraterrestial, heavenly and divine worlds with Heavenly Father, Mother, Sons and Daughters and all kind of spiritual and physical beings. This aim is to achieve through music and by means of different forms of arts. Samuel Angelicus is a fictive figure-head of Art Amabile and the projects involve him. Samuel Angelicus -figure is a celestial personality, who gets assignments in the center of all Universes. Usually Samuel falls into strange situations, when he tries to complete missions. In those cases he has to use music to cope with the difficulties. A Divine Councilor has been sent to study assignments of Samuel Angelicus. This Divine Councilor is very high celestial personality and his location is in the superuniverse of Orvonton, the headquarters of Uversa. He works in archives of Uversa making reports and notes concerning the case of Samuel Angelicus.


The Mission is a short movie script. It clarifies the personality and tasks of Samuel Angelicus through comedy. The story tells how Samuel gets a mission in the center of Universes, the task itself placing on the planet-Earth. A crowd of three angels accompany Samuel in his works on this primitive world. A short sample of this script can be found in the home pages part of Samuel Angelicus.

Underlie is CD-album created by Samuel Angelicus. It contains light, airy, melodic pop-music and the singer is Samuel himself. On the home page of Angelicus, you can find a story connected to album. Three of the twelve songs are part of this saga. You can listen to them by real audio while reading the story.

Three Resurrections is an oratorio-drama. It tells the journeys of the souls from the three different evolutionary worlds to the heavenly world. Composition of performers is symphony-orchestra, choir, solists and dance-group. A sample of this work can be found in Samuel Angelicus part of these home pages.

Dreaming is a second pop-album made by Angelicus. It contains 12 songs. The music is slightly darker and expression is stronger compared to the previous album.

Also, other projects are to come.


CD:s and digital albums

You can order Samuel Angelicus CD:s by email. You can also stream or purchase albums for example in Amazon or Spotify. You can download some of the songs for free from our pages in Music download  section. 



Samuel Angelicus Underlie (1999)


Samuel Angeliucs Dreaming (2007)

  Samuel Angelicus Hallway of Hearts (2021)                                                                             

You can order Underlie and Dreaming CD:s by email. Hallway of Hearts is only in digital distribution. One CD costs 15 euros and the delivery fee.
Outside Finland you can pay by PayPal. Inside Finland there are other payment options.

Productions and concerts

Samuel Angelicus duo

SA-duo is made for the small occasions. It consist of singing voice, electric piano and piano. Angelicus accompany himself with electric piano and the other piano is colouring music with themes and solos. The repertoire consist of jazz and pop music and it is for the happenings where variable songs with feelings are needed.  

Samuel Angelicus band

SA-band is combination where chamber music meets the rhythm music. It consist of singing voice, violin, piano, double bass and drums. Samuel sings his own music and the perfomances are mainly concerts. The sound of the band is bigger and it is made for the happenings where PA-system are required.

Samuel Angelicus trio

SA-trio is universal and dynamic combination. Samuel sings his own music but there are also many song from the band called Queen. There are classic hits from pop genre, the jazz evergreens and classical music. The piano and violin has instrumental pieces from classical music to tangos of Piazzolla. The repertoire is complete and suitable for every occasions from concerts to small happenings.

Samuel Angelicus pianokvintet

This combination comes from string quartet, piano and the singing voice. SA-pianokvintet was born through the long development. It is a relatively small group but it is capable for strong orchestal expressions. Co-operation between strings and piano will produce both rhytmic and harmonical texture which support the singing voice of Angelicus. Repertoire contains the composings of Samuel Angelicus. There are pieces from works called Angelstep ja Three Resurrections. Performances are mainly concerts.



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