Samuel Angelicus is one personality out of huge amounts of celestial personalities and creatures who are serving the Universal Father and his enormous Whole Universe. Samuel performs missions in the space of time and in the timeless centre of all Universes. Samuel is given assignments by administrative personalities who are in very high positions near the actual presence of Universal Father.

In his current assignment, Samuel has been sent from the Central universe to the local universe of Nebadon. His destination is in the solar-system number 1.010.572 which has been born in the Andronover nebula. There is slowly developing a planet which is called earth by native inhabitants. He is assigned to report to duty before the administrative board, which takes care of celestial administration on the earth. Many personalities of the board have lived their physical life on the planet.

Missions that Samuel has been given during thousands of years have been in a category of delivering messages. In fact the name of his type, in class of beings, verifies that. He belongs in the class of the Solitary Messengers. The end of his personal name Angelicus, suggests that he comes from the class of angels. Why has Samuel chosen the name Angelicus? That is a question which has no answer.

Even though most of the personalities of his kind usually work alone, Angel assistants are assigned to accompany him. That has been occurring now since last one thousand years. This is very useful, specially in the kind of missions where extra strength and efforts are needed. Solitary Messengers are not necessary very powerful creatures but they are the most versatile class of beings that can be found in Whole Universe.

There is no task to which a representative of this class would not bring something essential and practical. Although in the case of Samuel Angelicus, we shouldn't emphasise this too much. His way of solving problems is very original and he seems to be rather ineffective. Even the fact that he is working with angels has been a remarkable subject, not to mention the results of the missions that he has been given. Especially missions in the time and space have delayed without exceptions.

It is truly strange that higher orders of angels, Supernaphim, have not been able to bring effectiveness into his work. It even seems that when a higher personality is working with him even more complicated will be the course of events.

We, Divine Counselors, are sometimes given assignments to follow special cases in the Universes. We are to write down the problems which are related to those. I have tried to search cases which would be similar to Samuel Angelicus'. In the magnificent archives of Uversa I could find none which would have been even a bit alike the case I'm studying now. I'm waiting for the future events with a great interest.

Divine Counselor