In the archives of Uversa has been found a specific description of a Mission which is written as it has already happened. It is about Samuel Angelicus who operates on the planet Earth. Celestial personalities, including me, cannot predict the future. We can only understand the visions and predictions which are given by our Universal Father. We are confused by the existence of this document. Usually angels and the midway creatures write down the situations in the historical line. Then this course of events can be studied later, as I do now, in the archives of Uversa.

In the center of all Universes, on the Island of the Paradise, near the actual presence of Universal Father, is no time factor as it is understood in the Local Universes. I believe that this document is sent straight from the paradise. I would say that this is a specific description of the future by Universal Father. This description is registered as an anonymous document and no one could say why it is has been sent here.

We can only study this document. I have come to a conclusion that this prospect is to present the personality of Samuel Angelicus and his special ways of serving the Universal Father. This dedicated service descends sometimes quite low, considering the high spiritual origin of Samuel Angelicus. The true deeds of love sometimes demand a complete oblivion of one self.

Divine Counselor