I have been exploring the undertakings of Samuel Angelicus in the far away past and in the potential future. In the archives of Uversa I came across a document reporting that Samuel Angelicus had at one time been discharging an assignment on a planet whose evolutionary status and circumstances were similar to those of planet Earth, which is his current post of assignment. The assignment of the past had taken him to a site far in the outer space. I am not authorised to reveal the name of that planet; the objective of this prohibition is that of precluding a misunderstanding of the evolution of history on that planet. Nonetheless I am grateful for the opportunity to report on those developments because the report will help us to comprehend the exceptional measures which have been taken with regard to our own planet. In my story, I shall refer to that planet as planet Fog.

Samuel landed on planet Fog for the sake of discharging a simple assignment of message delivery, as would any personality of the same order. Solitary Messengers are vitally important as message deliverers, especially if normal interplanetary communications cannot be maintained. In most cases the reason for this situation is a planetary rebellion, an evolutionary experiment or any other development that has distorted the process of evolution. I reiterate that the normal channels of communication of planet Fog with any higher spiritual levels had been severed.

Samuel's assignment was that of delivering messages between the seraphim and the planetary commission which are working on the planet. Moreover, his assignment ordained him to compile a report on these messages and submit it to the headquarters of the local universe. At the outset of his assignment Samuel Angelicus got acquainted with the circumstances of the planet. Planet Fog had been selected as one of the evolutionary experimental planets. On experimental planets attempts are made to develop new methods for improving the animal species and the human race. A distortion in the evolution had been initiated when an outer space group had unwittingly imported alien, yet superior, life plasm on that very planet.

The outcome had been that through cross-breeding a new animal species had appeared on planet Fog; the intelligence, aggressive nature and the urge of self-preservation of this animal were so forceful that the species obstructed the very existence of the human race. The normal spiritual development of humans had stagnated for almost five thousand years. Now an attempt was made, with the involvement of high spirit beings, to restore, through drastic measures, the normalcy of evolution.

In his discharging the assignment, Angelicus had been able to improve his working methods to an extent which made it possible for him to devote ever more time for other activities. There is no knowledge to tell us why, but Samuel reached a decision to devote his leisure to a furtherance of the evolution of that planet. Angelicus wished to influence the situation through a direct involvement at the physical level. This was, of course, fully unrealistic because the order of Solitary Messengers exists exclusively on the spirit level and it is not up to them to start communicating with the material levels or material beings.

Quite unexpectedly the Universal Fatherís response to Angelicusís petition was affirmative. So, a very ordinary Solitary Messenger became materialised on the face of the planet. There is no entry in the archives of Uversa that would reveal the technical details of this transaction. It seems that the transaction became true because it was the will of the Universal Father, and it must have been performed by beings who are not listed in the personality register of Uversa.

Upon materialisation, all spirit circuits ceased to work, and Samuel found himself on the surface of the planet as having access to nothing superior than the human mind. This was, of course, a great shock for Angelicus. Having finally recovered, Samuel set himself upon mapping out his situation. The humans on planet Fog had sought shelter in small bastions, where they had to live their lives, in isolation from the activities of the rest of the planet. An aggressive, intelligent animal species had conquered 90 per cent of the area of planet Fog. The isolation of the humans was incessantly debilitating their spiritual and scientific progress.

We were puzzled to observe that Samuel Angelicus chose not to contact the humans first and to try to influence the situation through them. What he did, instead, was that he contacted the intelligent animals; and the consequences were well-nigh fatal.

At high noon Samuel reached a relatively brilliant city built by the animals. Its architectural aspect was not that of human achievement. In and out through the city gates there was flowing a stream of very dissimilar beings, among them even humans, who had been harnessed to work for and serve the intelligent animals. Samuel managed to join one of these groups of humans and he got in through the city gates. The intelligent animals much resembled humans. They were large in stature and humanlike in their ways of acting. Their rank materialism, aggressive patterns of acting and their worship of the ego were the most prominent features to tell them apart from a human being, who in normal circumstances endeavours to make progress on the path of spiritual growth. In terrestrial terminology, these animal creatures commanded a demonic nature with many special features.

One of the basic human urges, viz. hunger, became the cornerstone of Samuel's undertakings. Unawares of the principles of barter applied at the vending posts, he took some fruits from the counter and failed to give anything in exchange. Because of this omission, the owner of the vending post considered Samuel Angelicus to be his property. A tortuous discussion, or rather debate, ensued, with Angelicus and the proprietor of the vending post struggling in the domain of intelligence for good four hours. Finally, the ownerís forbearance was exhausted, and he imprisoned Samuel locking him up in the catacombs of the city bastion.

A human called Dawn, who had been witnessing the incident, was shocked; for centuries the humans had been unable to resist the intelligence and aggressive behavioural patterns of the animals. Mere isolation had been the only defence of the humans for a long time. Two weeks later Dawn escaped from the city. He arrived among the humans, and set himself upon telling them about this wonderful incident.

Samuel Angelicus, instead, had to languish in the catacombs. It is justified to state that this period of isolation was the initial spark for his artistic undertakings. Segregated as he was from the spirit circuits and as he had no chance of getting out from the catacombs, a yearning to get back to spirit levels was conceived in him. This yearning manifested itself in music, and that again crystallised into an idea to seek for a spiritual redeemer, a male child, who would veer the distorted evolution of the planet back to righteous ways. This is how the song Looking for the Son was born.

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In his confinement Samuel Angelicus conducted further studies of artistic aspects. In his singing the tunes of Looking for the Son, Anglicus was approaching those spiritual frequencies of vibration whereon the manifestations of higher beings and levels are situated. Finally the intensity of the expression penetrated the material world. The semimaterial midway creatures reported immediately to the seraphim about this intense spiritual manifestation detected in the material world. The Universal Father of course knew all about this soul expression, much before it had been initiated. The seraphim received from the supreme echelons an unusual mandate to get Samuel Angelicus free from the catacombs.

Even if supreme spirit beings work forcefully for an improvement of the planetary situation, only in rare occasions do they through physical means intervene in the developments of any world. The intervention happens almost invariably under the guise of spiritual guidance.

While Samuel was singing, angels appeared in the catacombs and he was dematerialised. This is the way Samuel, together with the seraphim, left the prison. To his great astonishment he became rematerialised right outside the military headquarters of the city of Evilton. This curious incident was immediately reported to the War Lord of Evilton. A humanlike being who had been locked up in a prison had escaped, as if he had spirited away, and was now standing, in peace and calm, right in front of the military headquarters.

The War Lord himself was desirous of seeing this man. Self-assuredly he descended the long and impressive portals of the headquarters. And again, what had happened at the vending post was repeated then and there. Samuel and the War Lord of the intelligent animals entered into a heated debate. The War Lord was, however, much more longsuffering than the fruit vendor had been. He realised Samuelís great value as an instrument of military technology, and he wished to get a hold on his incomprehensible magical powers. Failing to ascertain the nature of this extraordinary human he decided to teach this man the extravagant modes of living of his race.

Sensual gratification constitutes a part of the human evolution. After death, as humans are translated into higher spirit existences, animalistic sensual gratification the way humans experience it in its carnal form will disappear. These intelligent animals had evolved the forms of sensual gratification to the maximum. Sensual gratification had become an intrinsic evolutionary value. A Divine Counsellor as I am, I do not consider it necessary to reveal these multiple animalistic methods of sensual gratification which Samuel Angelicus had to witness. I may merely compare them with the level of sensual gratification on planet Earth. Among the children of Earth the sentiment of mating is regarded as the most powerful form of self-gratification. If this supreme experience of self-gratification could be transferred among the intelligent animals of planet Fog, it would approximate the same sensual gratification as is achieved in eating a steamed potato. In other words, Samuel Angelicus experienced the forms of animalistic gratification of sensual urges to the fullest. Inspired by these experiences Samuel managed again to invoke the powers of his artistic creativity, and the outcome was the song, A Man without Fears.

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We have been studying the song and its message. These are our conclusions regarding the songís name and purposes: The song depicts the relationship of a personality who for ever serves the Universal Father with a demonic environment. Even if this personality should find himself under a powerful demonic influence and even if he should for a while succumb to activities favoured by the environment, he would, however, never be afraid of any demonic authorities. The subject of this personalityís most enduring loyalty and primal love will always be focussed on the Universal Father, who wipes away all animalistic fears. Because it is the Universal Father who ultimately lifts a personality back to the spiritual levels where he belongs and which tally with his volition. Samuel experienced all activities which form part of the experience of the intelligent animals, but he never identified himself with their existence.

Finally, the War Lord of the intelligent animals let Samuel free and escorted him outside the city. The intelligent animals with their demonic thought patterns couldnít possibly have any capacity for comprehending Samuelís transcendental endeavours. Samuel was freed in the hope that the special magic powers would not be used against the animals themselves.

I shall, at this juncture, tell the story of what happened to Dawn. This eyewitness to the encounter between Samuel and the fruit vendor viewed it as his obligation to encourage the humans. Samuelís example had convinced him of the inner capacity of the humans to encounter this supernal race of intelligent animals. He endeavoured to get the isolated groups of humans back together. It is most deplorable that his excitement reached up to the level where violence became his method. Within a year and seven months he had become the leader of the human resistance movement. Two years after the incident the humans were ready to make battle with the intelligent animals. We may only note that the hope for something better many times drives humans to desperate actions. This is what was enfolding now.

The undertaking was desperate because, to start with, the human military knowledge was well-nigh nonexistent in comparison with the complex strategies developed by the intelligent animals. For the second, the weaponry of the humans was excessively modest. The historic tragedy, which was to be anticipated, was fought in front of the capital of Evilton.

Two years and thirty-four days had elapsed since the encounter between Samuel Angelicus and the fruit vendor, and now the self-assured Dawn stood at the city gates. An army of equally self-assured humans had aligned itself behind him. Rays of the morning sun, full of hope, beamed off from the polished military equipment of the humans. In this vision, there was something invincible and everlasting. It reflected manís unending persistence and his struggle for existence.

Dawn had anticipated that the intelligent animals would pour through the city gates out onto the battlefield. But it did not work that way. Shouts were soon heard, coming from the flanks of the human army. In no time the shouts swelled into a panicky howling. The army of the intelligent animals had been stationed in the catacombs, wherefrom it now emerged assailing the human army on its two flanks. The pressure was intolerable, and finally the human army made a panicky effort of retreat. From behind the human army, from the catacombs there, suddenly the principal contingent of the intelligent animals emerged and fell on the human army with merciless ferocity, pressing it against the city gates of Evilton. Finally, the weary Dawn with a handful of human soldiers and surrounded by dead brothers, stood in front of the massive city gates. Dawn realised that he had committed a colossal blunder, but inspired by a greater truth, his last words were: I couldn't possibly be wrong! The entire human army had been decimated in a battle that did not last quite an hour. Admittedly, the army of the intelligent animals, too, had suffered casualties.

The consequences of Dawn's tragic campaign were fully unpredictable. It was expected that the intelligent animals would stage a crushing revenge, which would wipe the human race out from the face of planet Fog. The humans, who had been living in isolation, were horror-stricken. In their exasperation they made efforts to reinforce the protective walls of their hamlets and villages. They estimated that the revenge would reach its height within a month from the battle of Evilton. Three months and a week had passed but nothing had been learned about the manoeuvres of the intelligent animals. The humans finally dispatched a scout to the capital of Evilton.

Once the scout had passed the gates of Evilton and entered into the city, the sight was incredible. Unmolested silence prevailed in the city. Rotting corpses of intelligent animals were lying all over the streets of the city. The only signs of life were those few terrified humans who from their hideouts cast their glances at the scout. It seemed as if the entire race of the intelligent animals had become exterminated at one blow.

And this is exactly what had happened. The body cells of the isolated humans had over the decades and centuries nurtured a virus against which they themselves were fully immune. During the bloody battle of Evilton this virus had been transmitted through open wounds from humans to some wounded animals.

The intelligent animals didnít have any defences against this virus. Within 24 hours the virus caused a paralysis of the respiratory organs. Moreover, the virus had amazingly soon spread to the other cities on planet Fog. That the virus had not contaminated the intelligent animals much earlier had been a small miracle. The final outcome of the tragic war was that the visions for the future had changed dramatically. The humans were at a go liberated from the yoke of the demonic governance.

Even though Samuel Angelicus for a long time was unaware of the chain reaction that he had triggered, we may view him as an instrument of the unfathomable farsightedness of the Universal Father. Had there not been Samuelís debate with the fruit vendor, Dawn would perhaps never have been given an encouraging example to entice him to act upon the smoldering sentiments of rebellion. The divine drama manifests in the actions of individuals in a way that is comprehensible only to the Universal Father through his fragments, dispersed throughout the master universe.

At the outset of this story I compared the evolutionary status of planet Fog with that of planet Earth. Planet Earth is indeed an experimental planet in likeness of planet Fog. Earth, an experimental planet as it is, has suffered from incidents which have slowed down its pace of evolution. Yet, the major cause of this distorted evolution on planet Earth has been a rebellion of celestial spirit beings. This is the reason for the Earthís being quarantined. By and large, on planets that have enjoyed as long a period of development as the Earh, there obtains free communication with higher levels, over spirit circuits. As you well know, communication between humans on planet Earth generally limits itself to verbal or written expression. Heroism and divine intervention are characters of the historical chronicle of the rebellion on planet Earth. Because of its excessive length the story cannot be incorporated in this brief narrative. I hope I shall one time have a better opportunity of revealing more of the exceptional history of planet Earth.

But let's retrogress two years and get back to the story of Samuel Angelicus. Samuel observed when he was by the entrance to Evilton that he was fully free from the painful influence of the intelligent animals. For a moment, Samuel was hoping for dematerialisation, and consequently, the Universal Father responded to his petition. With the help of the seraphim he was returned back to his spirit estate. In Samuelís interpretation his assignment on the material level had been fulfilled. In his own assessment the assignment had been a perfect failure, after all he hadnít done anything better than been imprisoned and spent a long span of time in the spell of incomprehensible sensual gratifications. Moreover, his original assignment had remained unattended for many months. Samuel was freed from his original assignment as one of the messengers between planet Fog and the headquarters of the local universe. His new assignment was that of exploring a certain unexplored space sector.

The last song that was created in the context of this adventure took shape in the course of that expedition. Samuel had spent a long time in mapping-out new-born planets and was about to return to Havona, the centre of the universes. Even if Samuel is a Solitary Messenger and was created for the purpose of his working in solitude and within the energy circuits specific to his order, he was suddenly overtaken by a sentiment of loneliness. We are unable to know the exact reasons for this, but we conjecture that on planet Fog Samuel must have experienced exceptionally powerful unions with the creatures of the physical level, and the residues of those emotions had some effect on him still on the spirit level.

Samuel landed on the face of the first planet that he happened to encounter, and he then flew in high speed above the surface of the planet scanning the beings on its face. At long last he spotted an enchanting semimaterial personality with whom he desired to share an amorous moment. There is every reason to say that this was Samuelís first experience of love for another personality to manifest itself with almost the same intensity as characterises spirit beingsí love for the Universal Father. Personalities of the spirit level of course do not practise unions comparable with mating, but their mental unions of love and sympathy represent many times over all that which the most profound longings of the human mind are all about. This unknown, semimaterial personality was the inspiration for the song Someone.

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This story is about to end. To our great wonder, Samuel continues with his assignments in the Master Universe. What has happened to Samuel is interesting from our, the spirit personalitiesí, viewpoint. Even if it is intriguing, and from the experiential viewpoint, also very important that we work in close proximity to the material level, a fact nevertheless is that only very few personalities of our nature truly materialise on those levels which are so alien to us. These material levels present themselves to us as mirror reflection of reality, extremely marginal energies of the Divine existence.

Divine Counselor